Thursday, December 31, 2015

Self Reminder

Remember no matter how dark the world gets, be like the star that stands out and shines the way for others to see - Quoted.

For every laugh, there should be a tear - Walt Disney motto.

People may not remember what you did for them or even what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel - Maya Angelou.

Emotions are impulses to action, instant plans for handling life that evolution has installed in us. 

Oh, I like this part the most : EQ gets you through life while IQ gets you through school. 

These are all lessons shared by Dr. Harlina after we watched the movie Inside Out. 
Inside Out, which showed us different types of emotions with different roles. There are both positive and negative emotions. You know what is the best part? We cannot have one type of emotion only in our life. We need both positive and negative emotions to balance our yin & yang. Sometimes we learn the lessons in life through the hard way and some might learn it through the easy and happy way. All of us are unique in our different ways so stop comparing ourselves with others because Allah knows us best and He knows what will make us strong. Just stop complaining and pray to Him to give us strength to go with what He planned for us. Pray, so that He will give the best thing for us in our life and also the best people around us that will build our character and attitude in a positive way.

You are like the diamond in the rough, every cut or break only reveals more of the beauty. ^^,

p/s : sejak kebelakangan ni, kerap sangat sakit kepala & tulang belakang. Adakah kesan drpd jatuh tahun lps? Tapi, tak mungkin kan? Haha..abaikan. =.='