Saturday, May 24, 2014

This Worldly Life

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,

Alhamdulillah, its been more than a month I guess for not updating here. I thought I haven't updated my blog for 6 months!! haha. I am sorry again for not being able to keep up with my promise to at least share 1 topic per month but insyaAllah I'll work hard to be better in the future. :D

During those times when I couldn't get the chance to write here, I was actually 'busy' again, learning about this worldly life, how people here specially the Muslims survive in a place where the western culture stands out more than our own principle as Allah's creation. I had also mixed around with the elders a lot because the experiences that we get from them are priceless. We'll learn a lot from them including the wisdom that they have in leading their life. This is part of understanding about this life and how to not to deviate from the right path. I had learn a lot during that period, hence, I decided to share some of the wisdom thoughts and advises with you here and I really hope that it will be beneficial for all of us insyaAllah.

Verily, every single Muslims are very special because they have their own connection with Allah. Each of them have their own way to have a special communication with Him.

Never do injustice to yourself by saying that you cannot do it, Allah has never tested a person except with the knowledge that he or she can overcome it. Allah will test those whom HE LOVES.
-inspired by Sheikh Sajid Umar

It's so true that this world is like a jail to the Muslims. It's due to a lot of temptations that we have to resist and lots of things that we should avoid. Although the things that we do is beneficial for us(obliged to Allah s.w.t), but why we want to go astray? It's due to the temptation of our nafs and the devil that we should strongly resist! Trust me, its for our own good. May Allah will always give us strength to survive the hardships here in the dunya, may He grant us Jannah in the hereafter and may we will always be under His protection and His blessings insyaAllah.
I would like to end this post today with two lines of lyrics from Maher Zain's 'Worldly life' song for us to contemplate back of our life; about how we manage them, did we use the time wisely or the other way round...
"...this worldly life has an end,
and then real life begins,..."
Are we a good Muslim yet?