Monday, March 31, 2014

I swear by the time...

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,

I would like to start my post with the definition of Surah al-Asr verse 1-3;

I swear by the time,
Most surely man is in loss,
Except those who believe and do good, and enjoin on each other truth and enjoin on each other patience.

We as humans have lots of weaknesses within ourselves. We tend to be forgetful, playful and the most crucial weak point for us, which is being unable to manage our time wisely. As students, we were always advised to make a schedule so that we can manage our time to study, do revision, finish our homework, have our resting time, praying time and etc. But we always take these schedules for granted. Creating them might be such a pain in the neck for us right? Sometimes, we do make our schedules but never being able to follow them. Naturally, when the days goes by and as we get older, we might never realize whether we did benefit the time that we had or not. Allah gave us 24 hours per day. 24 hours for His creation to manage the time. For some people, 24 hours is not enough and others will think the total opposite!. 

Allah didn't give us 24 hours per day only, He also gave us the right way of using it. The prove is based on the Surah al-Asr from the Quran. He told us that surely we are in loss, except those who BELIEVE and DO GOOD and enjoin on each other with TRUTH and enjoin on each other with PATIENCE. My close relative shared something with me that life is like a glass of water. And the glass of water has many tiny little holes in it. So, whenever we pour water inside it, the water tends to come out slowly through the tiny holes. One main thing to note here is that, in this case, the water that we fill into the glass will NEVER be full. Our life is like that. The tiny little holes represent our bad deeds whereas the water we pour into the cup represents the deeds that we are doing in this world including both good and bad deeds. So, whenever we do bad deeds such as raising voice to our parents, not taking care of our ukhuwah and breaking promises with people, all these will reduce the quality and quantity of the good deeds that we are doing. Hence, that's why there's a say where keep doing good deeds because we don't know which good deed will lead us to Jannah. ^^, The deeds that we do will never finish except until the death approach us. 

I personally love a quote that says, a wise person is the one who thinks about death everyday. This is true because when you think of the death everyday, you tend to prevent yourself from doing things that will not benefit you and you will work very hard to please Allah since you want to enter the Paradise...right?. 

May Allah give us strength to be a better Muslim day by day, insyaAllah.