Friday, June 15, 2012

Unique way of handling STRESS


   Well, I'm going through my final semester exam. One more week and two more papers left. The papers, as usual are always tough. But one lesson that I attained from this semester is, do not depend too much on your lecturers! It's not that they're bad or something but it's just that you need to be independent enough in solving things that you have been given besides consulting them and ask their opinion whether what we are doing is correct or not. One of my lecturer always told us that with the technology that we have, (laptops & internet), dunia ni di hujung jari ja. Anything we can consult with Mr. Goog. haha. True though.

   Stress & Humans are like the earth and the sky. No matter how different they are, but both need each other to balance the eco-system. Same goes for stress and human. Can you imagine life without problem? How dull your life would be right? Because in my opinion, we get stronger and more matured by solving those problems. So, basically, experiencing stress should be a good thing if and only if you know how to manage it well. All of us are special in our own way. Since, all of us are very unique, we also undergo different types of problems with different stress level. Some lose both their parents when they were still baby, some don't even have a house to live, some don't have enough money to eat and much more. 

   What I am trying to point out here is, I am also a normal human being and I can't run away from problems and especially the amount of STRESS that I have to endure. This semester is quite tough for me because my friends and I were a given a project where it was totally under our responsibility on the development of it. This was one of the cause of why my stress level increased. It continued increasing and it went very bad actually. I almost lost control of my emotions. I almost gave up on everything. I almost lose control of MYSELF! Fortunately, I still remember that night when I went for usrah, my naqibah(is like the leader of the small group) explained to us something about STRESS.

   We get stressed up when we were scolded in front of the lecture hall. We get stressed up when your own lecturer looked down on you. Some of you might even get stressed up when you got dumped right? Hmmm..but can you imagine the people who are struggling to live each day? Palestine or Syria for example. They don't even know whether they will get the chance to still breathe on the next day. People are struggling badly to save themselves and their beloved ones as well as to free their country. Agak2 la kan, our stress level can be compared to them or not? Rasanya masalah kita tu ibarat saiz semut ja kalo nak bandingkan dengan masalah yang saudara/i di Palestine atau Syria tu kan2??

   But the best part is, the Muslims there don't really feel burdened by all those attacks from their enemies. They keep praying and have a strong faith in Allah. They never gave up right? Subhanallah, may Allah bless them always and may Palestine and Syria be free from those enemies. Cuba bayangkan pelbagai jenis seksaan yang mereka lalui. Ibu atau adik perempuan dirogol depan mata keluarga sendiri, leher budak/lelaki dewasa dikerat dengan pisau yang tumpul, kedua tangan dan kaki diikat di kaki 4 ekor kuda dan kuda-kuda tersebut akan bergerak ke arah yang berlainan & etc. I don't know whether you guys believe it or not. Tapi kalo sekadar dengar ja x best la kan. Sebab dah memang lumrah manusia, akan insaf sekejap ja nanti buat balik. (Termasuk diri sendiri) 

   So, one of the way is to watch the video! I'm damn serious. I had been in a camp before and I had the opportunity to watch those videos which I had stated above. WARNING : to those yang lemah semangat tu x payah tengok la ye. Takut nanti trauma la pulak. To those who can watch, watch it for your own awareness so that we will stop being ignorant to them. I am not telling you guys to get prepared for war or etc, I'm just trying to say and remind myself that STUDYING IS ALSO A FORM OF JIHAD and the struggle that we are facing through now, is very little compared to the struggles that our muslim brothers and sisters going through at Palestine and Syria. If we excel in our academics, it's a chance for us to help our ummah right? insyaAllah, Allah knows best! :)

p/s: Luruskan niat & sentiasa mohon supaya Allah tetapkan yg terbaik buat kita & moga kita sentiasa redha dgn ketentuannya. ^^