Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nature is the best medicine!

Okay..actually I'm not supposed to write any new post in my blog since I have 2 assignments and a project to be done but what to do..I'm being VERY stubborn right now. haha..
Anyway, I think I have mentioned about this before..I love the nature so much! Subhanallah..there's nothing much more beautiful than Allah's creation including ourselves. ^_^
I love watching the clouds and sky the most! If I am in a plane, I would prefer to sit beside the window and would continue to watch the clouds until I reach my destination. It feels so good looking at the formation of the clouds as though as they have their own story to tell. hehe..mind me ya.
Besides that, I really love the greenery too! Especially the mountains..I like hilly areas such as Cameron, Genting highlands and Fraser Hill. I realized that I would get very excited looking at the mountains covered with the mist. Although it's cold but it's cool! Subhanallah..I just can't stop myself from being too excited looking at the nature's beauty.
Subhanallah..what a beauty!
Fyi, my college is located in a hilly area..highest among the others. So today, when I was on my way back to my college, it was very windy. I felt like I was at the oversea..because I was walking back alone with the wind and the trees and not to forget the flying leaves..subhanallah..I can't stop praising Allah for His every creation especially the nature. I was very stressed at first thinking of my projects and asgmts but alhamdulillah, at that point I felt that all my pain was driven away by the wind. :)
I must agree with what certain people say, travelling is also another way to get nearer to Allah. 
I felt speechless and realized how weak I am without Allah. We need Allah. Those who walk away from Him will never realize that they are at a great loss.
There's still time.Let's get back to Him. 
Allah Maha Pengampun dan Maha Penyayang. ^_^