Saturday, February 11, 2012

The people I still love


Well, I was walking in a shopping complex when I suddenly came across a couple. An old mother was being taken cared of his working son..I assume he was working because he was wearing his suit. They seriously looked very sweet..the way he was holding his mom's hand and choosing a place to sit and eat. Next, this happened a long time ago, when I was in a supermarket in SJ,KL. A lady was pushing her mother in a wheel chair. Her mother was talking to her but you guys want to know what she replies for every sentence her mother said? She said, so?, so what?. At 1st I thought it was somehow very rude but then when I told one of my couz about this, he explained to me that this is a type of treatment which is good for the brain. Everytime you talk and when people ask 'so what', you sure will have to think of the reasons why you said that rite?. Last but not least, there's another very very sweet couple in my hometown. Usually, when I drive around, I would come across with an old couple which I can call them as grandpa and grandma. You know, the grandpa will ride his bicycle and the grandma will be sitting behind him. They would go to the mosque or just ride around I guess but Ya Allah..when I looked at them, how I wish to grow old with my soul mate and be like them later on..inshaAllah. :) haha.

Okay, actually, my point is whenever I looked at them, they will somehow remind me of my late grandma..we used to call her tok. My grandpa had pass away when I was 4/5 yrs old. Sorry can't remember. But one thing I know is my sisters and I grew up with our grandma by our side..she had taken good care of us since childhood. It's been 4 years of my life without her but still I live with her memories. :(

Last two weeks, I went to my late grandma's house with my auntie. We went to do a bit of cleaning and then she told me something about tok's history. My tok, lost both her parents when she was still small and she stayed with her auntie. She did a lot of house chores there and took good care of her aunt and her family..until one day my late grandpa came to ask for my grandma's hand. (at this time I was smiling coz they do look very cute and sweet together.) After their marriage, my grandpa and tok lead a very happy life together although both of them had their ups and downs. Honestly, my grandpa is a very strict person. He losses his temper easily. My uncles and aunties are very afraid of him but only my grandma is not. She's very cool. I still remember when I was little I fight a lot with my 2nd sis and then my grandpa would come and hit both our heads together. ngee..
On top of that,my grandpa used to read newspaper on his bed with his specs and I would go and sit beside him, take his specs and read the newspaper that he holds. haha..those were the times la. But I should not complain because Allah knows best. Maybe its their time to return to Him. I am very inspired by both of them because they were strong and had the patience to bear with every challenges in life.(Al-fatihah to both of them)

Recently, I had been contemplating because I realized how much it hurts to lose people that you love a lot. So, that is one of the reason why I dare not to get involved in any relationship. Because I realized once I start to love someone, I can't afford of losing them. It hurts damn much..exception for my family and my crazee couz. You don't have the choice of loving your family. You must love them and if you lose them, you have to accept it strongly although it creates a big wound in your heart. One more thing that I am very grateful is, I have my cousins who are very close to me and understands me well since we grew up together. I would thank them for helping me all the way until today. May Allah bless us always. :)
Love means, you want to be with that person till Jannah - by Hilal Asyraf.
gambar sekadar hiasan. ;)
and I am very sorry if my writing and my points are not good. I write what I feel.