Friday, June 15, 2012

Unique way of handling STRESS


   Well, I'm going through my final semester exam. One more week and two more papers left. The papers, as usual are always tough. But one lesson that I attained from this semester is, do not depend too much on your lecturers! It's not that they're bad or something but it's just that you need to be independent enough in solving things that you have been given besides consulting them and ask their opinion whether what we are doing is correct or not. One of my lecturer always told us that with the technology that we have, (laptops & internet), dunia ni di hujung jari ja. Anything we can consult with Mr. Goog. haha. True though.

   Stress & Humans are like the earth and the sky. No matter how different they are, but both need each other to balance the eco-system. Same goes for stress and human. Can you imagine life without problem? How dull your life would be right? Because in my opinion, we get stronger and more matured by solving those problems. So, basically, experiencing stress should be a good thing if and only if you know how to manage it well. All of us are special in our own way. Since, all of us are very unique, we also undergo different types of problems with different stress level. Some lose both their parents when they were still baby, some don't even have a house to live, some don't have enough money to eat and much more. 

   What I am trying to point out here is, I am also a normal human being and I can't run away from problems and especially the amount of STRESS that I have to endure. This semester is quite tough for me because my friends and I were a given a project where it was totally under our responsibility on the development of it. This was one of the cause of why my stress level increased. It continued increasing and it went very bad actually. I almost lost control of my emotions. I almost gave up on everything. I almost lose control of MYSELF! Fortunately, I still remember that night when I went for usrah, my naqibah(is like the leader of the small group) explained to us something about STRESS.

   We get stressed up when we were scolded in front of the lecture hall. We get stressed up when your own lecturer looked down on you. Some of you might even get stressed up when you got dumped right? Hmmm..but can you imagine the people who are struggling to live each day? Palestine or Syria for example. They don't even know whether they will get the chance to still breathe on the next day. People are struggling badly to save themselves and their beloved ones as well as to free their country. Agak2 la kan, our stress level can be compared to them or not? Rasanya masalah kita tu ibarat saiz semut ja kalo nak bandingkan dengan masalah yang saudara/i di Palestine atau Syria tu kan2??

   But the best part is, the Muslims there don't really feel burdened by all those attacks from their enemies. They keep praying and have a strong faith in Allah. They never gave up right? Subhanallah, may Allah bless them always and may Palestine and Syria be free from those enemies. Cuba bayangkan pelbagai jenis seksaan yang mereka lalui. Ibu atau adik perempuan dirogol depan mata keluarga sendiri, leher budak/lelaki dewasa dikerat dengan pisau yang tumpul, kedua tangan dan kaki diikat di kaki 4 ekor kuda dan kuda-kuda tersebut akan bergerak ke arah yang berlainan & etc. I don't know whether you guys believe it or not. Tapi kalo sekadar dengar ja x best la kan. Sebab dah memang lumrah manusia, akan insaf sekejap ja nanti buat balik. (Termasuk diri sendiri) 

   So, one of the way is to watch the video! I'm damn serious. I had been in a camp before and I had the opportunity to watch those videos which I had stated above. WARNING : to those yang lemah semangat tu x payah tengok la ye. Takut nanti trauma la pulak. To those who can watch, watch it for your own awareness so that we will stop being ignorant to them. I am not telling you guys to get prepared for war or etc, I'm just trying to say and remind myself that STUDYING IS ALSO A FORM OF JIHAD and the struggle that we are facing through now, is very little compared to the struggles that our muslim brothers and sisters going through at Palestine and Syria. If we excel in our academics, it's a chance for us to help our ummah right? insyaAllah, Allah knows best! :)

p/s: Luruskan niat & sentiasa mohon supaya Allah tetapkan yg terbaik buat kita & moga kita sentiasa redha dgn ketentuannya. ^^

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Reminder

Today, I want to share about surah Muhammad which is the 47th surah in the Quran. 
I was going through some ayat that I had wrote in my book before. So, just want to type it here to enable us to read & heed people!. :)

"Wahai orang2 yang beriman! Jika kamu menolong agama Allah, nescaya Dia akan menolongmu dan meneguhkan kedudukanmu." [47:7]

"Dan orang2 yang mendapat petunjuk, Allah akan menambah petunjuk kepada mereka dan menganugerahi ketakwaan kepada mereka." [47:17]

"Sesungguhnya, orang2 yang berbalik kepada kekafiran setelah petunjuk itu jelas bagi mereka, setanlah yang merayu mereka dan memanjangkan angan2 mereka." [47:25]

"Dan sungguh, Kami benar2 akan menguji kamu sehingga kami mengetahui orang2 yang benar2 berjihad & bersabar di antara kamu dan akan Kami uji perihal kamu." [47:31]

"Wahai orang2 yang beriman! Taatlah kepada Allah dan Rasul, dan janganlah kamu merosakkan segala amalmu." [47:33]

Ibrah: Makin banyak kita diuji, makin dekat kita kepada Allah & semakin matang dan penuh hikmah kita menyelesaikan sebarang masalah dengan kaedah terbaik.

Bekunya air mata dari kerasnya hati,
Kerasnya hati dari banyaknya dosa,
Banyaknya dosa dari lupanya mati,
Lupanya mati kerana terlalu cintakan dunia.

Till then, jazakallahukhairan.

Monday, April 16, 2012


DEVASTATED with myself! 
 What can be worst than this..
This is all due to my own mistakes..

Friday, March 30, 2012

It hurts

I am not that good yet I try my best to improve,
Because I realize that I'm just a normal being and not an angel,
But people always mistaken that I'm a very good person until some of them call me ustazah..haha (alhamdulillah doa tu..insyaAllah blh jd ustazah yg baik untuk bakal anak2 nnt. ;p)
I just want to remind for those who forget that I'm a NORMAL HUMAN BEING and I tend to do mistakes in my life and I have my own ups and downs,
So, I decided to use facebook as a part to remind me of all the good things that I should do by posting them,
I'm not posting all the good things because I'm too good,
Seriously, don't judge me like that because it's so unfair,
I'm posting all that for myself, as a reminder for me and for all of us to get nearer to Him..the One who created us, Allah..
Again I'm stressing here that I'm not that good,
I try my best to be a better person yet sometimes I fail but I still get back up and don't want to give up because I always know that He is watching me,
Sometimes because of too much pressure that I face in life, make me feel that I want to go back to Him a.s.a.p but I know it's wrong to think like that.

I must be strong and I must not give up,
I must strive hard so that later when I meet Him, I can proudly say that I had done my part in life.
So, my dear self, don't get too stressed up..stop dwelling in your sadness and your pain,
Dalam Quran pn ada dinyatakan bahawa Allah tidak akan membebankan seseorang melainkan mengikut kemampuannya.
Trust and have faith in Allah. 
InsyaAllah everything will be ok. :)
To those who have been hurt badly before, let's get up and get stronger. 
Let's get better to gain respect from the others and to prove to them that failure IS always the step to success. 
Life is a cycle..sometimes we are up and sometimes down. 
Better keep that in mind. And always ask for strength and patience from Allah because He is the one who always listens to us and help us. 
Trust me. 
Although sometime you feel like breaking down, cry as much as you want because that's one of the way to get healed. :)
Each heart has pain,
only the way of expression is different,
some hide it in their eyes,
while others hide it in their smile.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Ladies & gentlemen out there, listen n read this :
"Aku menjaga diriku untukmu dengan harapan engkau menjaga dirimu untukku." (",)
 I feel that this sentence is just so sweet in terms of what we should do to make ourselves better so that the person that we are waiting for(soulmate) will also do the same. But of course not everyone will experience the same thing. Different people has different way of meeting their soul mate and tak semestinya kalo kita baik, jodoh kita akan 2 kali ganda lebih baik..kalo dpt mcm tu alhamdulillah la..tapi ada juga yg diuji oleh Allah. maybe one of them is not too, must pray a lot to Allah and we ourselves must improve to be better day by day in order for the others to get inspired by us. InsyaAllah. :)
p/s: please take the courage to make a change of getting better in your life because we will not remain young forever. We grow up, and our responsibilities increases thus we need more strength mentally and physically. Trust me, the only tranquil strength and patience that you can get is from Allah. 
Sesungguhnya orang yg menjauhi Allah adalah org yg menzalimi diri sendiri. Nauzubillah. 
Each of us will go through this phase, insyaAllah and I really hope when the time comes, we already know who we really want to be with and not only in this world but until jannah. :) 
sweet kan? haha..I know I'm being kind of emotional..but I'm writing this based on my surroundings..friends who are engaged and married.May Allah bless u all. N I hope that I will meet my soul mate soon too though I don't know where, when and how. =.='
Let's pray and ask the best for our life from Allah. Pray so that He will send someone that He loves to come and guide us till jannah. InsyaAllah. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nature is the best medicine!

Okay..actually I'm not supposed to write any new post in my blog since I have 2 assignments and a project to be done but what to do..I'm being VERY stubborn right now. haha..
Anyway, I think I have mentioned about this before..I love the nature so much! Subhanallah..there's nothing much more beautiful than Allah's creation including ourselves. ^_^
I love watching the clouds and sky the most! If I am in a plane, I would prefer to sit beside the window and would continue to watch the clouds until I reach my destination. It feels so good looking at the formation of the clouds as though as they have their own story to tell. hehe..mind me ya.
Besides that, I really love the greenery too! Especially the mountains..I like hilly areas such as Cameron, Genting highlands and Fraser Hill. I realized that I would get very excited looking at the mountains covered with the mist. Although it's cold but it's cool! Subhanallah..I just can't stop myself from being too excited looking at the nature's beauty.
Subhanallah..what a beauty!
Fyi, my college is located in a hilly area..highest among the others. So today, when I was on my way back to my college, it was very windy. I felt like I was at the oversea..because I was walking back alone with the wind and the trees and not to forget the flying leaves..subhanallah..I can't stop praising Allah for His every creation especially the nature. I was very stressed at first thinking of my projects and asgmts but alhamdulillah, at that point I felt that all my pain was driven away by the wind. :)
I must agree with what certain people say, travelling is also another way to get nearer to Allah. 
I felt speechless and realized how weak I am without Allah. We need Allah. Those who walk away from Him will never realize that they are at a great loss.
There's still time.Let's get back to Him. 
Allah Maha Pengampun dan Maha Penyayang. ^_^

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jom Berdoa ^_^

It's already March! n yeah I'm in my 2nd sem of 3rd year. I was not feeling well in and out for the past few weeks..well i'm still not feeling well rite now but physically. Mentally, I am being cured. Alhamdulillah. :)
Have you been too immersed in your problems or sadness before?
Have you felt that there's no one who will really understand about you?
Have you had a mental breakdown before and can't focus on your study?
but based from any of those time, did you get your call? 
A call to rise back and move on.
A call to keep your faith towards Allah.
A call that makes you realize how close Allah is towards us and actually understands us better than ourselves.
Memang satu fitrah la kan, sesuatu yang diciptakan akan pulang juga kepada penciptaNya.
No matter how sad you are, how helpless you feel, you should always keep your connection with Allah. Pray and ask from Him. 
Manusia ni mmg sangat LEMAH. Jadi, berdoalah kepada yang Maha Memberi. Serius, kita takkan rugi.
So, there are some du'a that I wanted to share. Jom Berdoa! :)
Ya Allah, perbetulkan ibadahku yang merupakan asas kehidupanku dan perbetulkanlah hal dunia yang merupakan kehidupanku dan kurniakanlah kesejahteraan padaku di hari akhirat, berkatilah kehidupanku di dunia dengan kesejahteraan dan jadikanlah kematianku sebagai kebebasan daripada godaan syaitan.

Ya Allah, aku memohon belas kasihanMu, lindungilah aku, janganlah Engkau biarkan diriku walau sedetik pun dan perbetulkanlah diriku, tidak ada Tuhan selainMu.
Amin Ya Rabbal A'lamin. 

Moga kita sentiasa berdoa kpd Allah & mohon perkara yang terbaik yg Allah sudah aturkan buat kita dan moga Dia mudahkan urusan kita. InshaAllah.
Stay positive and smile always ok.
Because Allah hanya timpakan ujian kepada hambaNya mengikut kemampuan masing2. So, don't need to get too immersed in your sadness. 
Allah knows best! :)
Let's shine like a star. ^_^

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The people I still love


Well, I was walking in a shopping complex when I suddenly came across a couple. An old mother was being taken cared of his working son..I assume he was working because he was wearing his suit. They seriously looked very sweet..the way he was holding his mom's hand and choosing a place to sit and eat. Next, this happened a long time ago, when I was in a supermarket in SJ,KL. A lady was pushing her mother in a wheel chair. Her mother was talking to her but you guys want to know what she replies for every sentence her mother said? She said, so?, so what?. At 1st I thought it was somehow very rude but then when I told one of my couz about this, he explained to me that this is a type of treatment which is good for the brain. Everytime you talk and when people ask 'so what', you sure will have to think of the reasons why you said that rite?. Last but not least, there's another very very sweet couple in my hometown. Usually, when I drive around, I would come across with an old couple which I can call them as grandpa and grandma. You know, the grandpa will ride his bicycle and the grandma will be sitting behind him. They would go to the mosque or just ride around I guess but Ya Allah..when I looked at them, how I wish to grow old with my soul mate and be like them later on..inshaAllah. :) haha.

Okay, actually, my point is whenever I looked at them, they will somehow remind me of my late grandma..we used to call her tok. My grandpa had pass away when I was 4/5 yrs old. Sorry can't remember. But one thing I know is my sisters and I grew up with our grandma by our side..she had taken good care of us since childhood. It's been 4 years of my life without her but still I live with her memories. :(

Last two weeks, I went to my late grandma's house with my auntie. We went to do a bit of cleaning and then she told me something about tok's history. My tok, lost both her parents when she was still small and she stayed with her auntie. She did a lot of house chores there and took good care of her aunt and her family..until one day my late grandpa came to ask for my grandma's hand. (at this time I was smiling coz they do look very cute and sweet together.) After their marriage, my grandpa and tok lead a very happy life together although both of them had their ups and downs. Honestly, my grandpa is a very strict person. He losses his temper easily. My uncles and aunties are very afraid of him but only my grandma is not. She's very cool. I still remember when I was little I fight a lot with my 2nd sis and then my grandpa would come and hit both our heads together. ngee..
On top of that,my grandpa used to read newspaper on his bed with his specs and I would go and sit beside him, take his specs and read the newspaper that he holds. haha..those were the times la. But I should not complain because Allah knows best. Maybe its their time to return to Him. I am very inspired by both of them because they were strong and had the patience to bear with every challenges in life.(Al-fatihah to both of them)

Recently, I had been contemplating because I realized how much it hurts to lose people that you love a lot. So, that is one of the reason why I dare not to get involved in any relationship. Because I realized once I start to love someone, I can't afford of losing them. It hurts damn much..exception for my family and my crazee couz. You don't have the choice of loving your family. You must love them and if you lose them, you have to accept it strongly although it creates a big wound in your heart. One more thing that I am very grateful is, I have my cousins who are very close to me and understands me well since we grew up together. I would thank them for helping me all the way until today. May Allah bless us always. :)
Love means, you want to be with that person till Jannah - by Hilal Asyraf.
gambar sekadar hiasan. ;)
and I am very sorry if my writing and my points are not good. I write what I feel.