Sunday, May 15, 2011

The most valuable piece in life

    When you ask anyone, anywhere in this world about what is the most valuable piece in your life, obviously we’ll get different types of answers. Some will answer their own life, their pets, friends and so on. Have anyone of you give a thought that both our parents, can also be the most valuable piece of our life?? If you have, then it’s good for you. If you don’t, then..continue reading my explanation la.

   the most crucial constitution in building up a community. For example, to build a stable building, you need to have a strong base, and to have a strong base, you need to have a material of high quality. So, basically, family can be considered as the material whereby the responsibility of producing a child that has good qualities within him/her goes to both the parents. But this also depends on the attitude of the parents.
            What I am trying to stress out here is, no matter how our parent’s attitude are, we should still respect and care about them. We shouldn’t have the hatred for them. Actually, we don’t even have the right to hate them because no matter how much you hate them, you cannot change the fact that they are your parents. So, rather than torturing your emotions, you should do something to change them to be better right? Talk to them, discuss with them about what you think or the least that you can do is to pray for them.
             I always get sensitive when talking about family. So, I do get very emotional looking at children who do not respect their parents. Especially to those who send their parents to the nursery. I pity them a lot. It always make me think back about those precious moments when our mother risks their own life in giving birth to us, our dad who works everyday or at least try hard to find money to take good care of their own family and many more. The lists goes me. Sincerely speaking, although we sacrifice our life for them, the hardship that they went through for us are incompatible and priceless. Thus, the simplest thing that we can do to make them very happy is by being a good and responsible child towards them and become a human being which has good qualities within ourselves. Make them proud of having us.            Seriously, I can still remember both my parent’s expression when I brought them my examination results..and when I got the offer to join the National Service.haha..I just can pray and hope that I can continue to be a daughter who can accomplish my tasks and responsibilities well. inshaAllah.
            Last but not least, the only thing that I can say is not all of us are same. Not all of us are lucky. Sometimes reality bites but always think positive. Allah knows the best for us. Let’s just hope for the best and pray for the best okay.

Fear (and respect) Allah, and know that He has knowledge of all things. [2:231]