Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moving on

Life is not called life where u don't have a journey,
A journey is not called a journey if u don't have challenges,
Challenges are not called challenges if they're not meant to teach us lessons,
Lessons that are important in our life,
Lessons that will eventually be our experience,
Experience that make us more mature in solving any problems in the future,
Experience that make us not to repeat the same mistake in the future,
Experience that make us think back of all the things that we had done,
It can be a good or a bad memory..
The good ones are meant to be kept in a special place in the heart while the bad ones are meant to be kept in the brain securely so that we will never ever go back again to that port.
I just wanna say that, everything that happened throughout my life thought me a lot of things..even until now and till the end of my life,it will still teach me about those precious things to be valued on Earth.
All of the things I had gone through made me realize of a lot of things.
Things that are good & bad..things that are expected & unexpected..things that are silly & stupid..
Learning about commitments & responsibility made me realize of life aint that easy.
It has never, I won't take my life for granted!
Rather than complaining, I must find a way to solve it,
Rather than being mad, I must learn to control the anger,
Rather than watching others do mistakes, I must tell & advice them..
Life is not that complicated's us who decide how we wanna live for our future..
 I am moving a smoother pace of my life (inshaAllah) where there will be a lot of improvement on myself,
Where less people who will really know who I am,
Where it will be harder for them to understand me (maybe),
Because I don't want to burden them with my problems,
The least that I can do is by trying to solve it though it takes way lot of courage to try..
khoshish karne walo kabhi har nahi hoti...
Keep that in mind..ALWAYS!