Saturday, February 5, 2011

Holiday is finishing!

Salam...err my mid sem holiday is finishing la..
the last time, I remembered bringing back asgmts to be done but cn only finish a few. hehe..
well,don't blame me ok since it's holiday so, I'm really using it maximumly doing lots of things.
Going out with family..jalan2 maa..
Driving my sisters to school..(b4 chinese new year's holiday)
wandering around the town..
Visiting relatives..
but among all, I think we did the last one the most..
ya..we visited most our relatives during the holiday..penat2
I just realized dat there are so many of them!
it's kinda hard too when we have lots of relatives..seriously, no joke!
wanna know why?..coz we cannot take care of everybody well rite?
for example, when we are getting married, n we are suppose to go n invite all of our relatives, it's kinda hard to go n meet all of them.agree?
kalo ada yg sempat tu,alhamdulillah..good la. but kalo yg x cukup masa how?
confirm nnt mesti ada yg merungut didn't invite us the right way la..bla bla bla but kalo ada yg terlupa nk jmpt?lg haru..hoho
so, my advice is simple..just visit them now and then so dat we will remember them, insyaAllah.
actually, today we visited one of my papa's uncle. His son is getting married tomorrow but I won't be able to attend it so, my dad brought us all to go and meet them.
N wanna know what happened?
I just found out that they're mix as well!
punjab muslim wei!
finally, gotta speak hindi. I mean punjab live la!
hehe..kinda overreact.but my great grand dadima there speaks punjab very well.
hmm..there's difference btw hindi n punjab. punjab is more difficult. Hindi is kinda simpler.
My great grand dadima here just recovered from..I dunno wat actually happened but they did MRI, really checked her I must say. She's 88 but uski dil badi changgi hain. 
(her heart is still very healthy)
alhamdulillah..n I really love wat she told us when we were there. Simple yet very meaningful.
Niat itu penting, 
niat baik, Allah balas baik.
Niat jahat, Allah balas jahat.
It's so true..mesti dh byk kali dgr rite? but it's different when you hear it from someone special like my dadima here. ^_^
Gosh..I'm gonna miss everything here..
InsyaAllah, there's lot more to be done to have a good future for myself n my family.

Family comes first, bring your heart home..hehe