Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farewell - always be well. ^_^

The light in your eyes tells us how much love you have for us,
The tears from your eyes explains how hurtful it is for us to be apart,
Hugging us shows how much hope you have on us to be human enough,
No matter what the others say, 
Your heart will be the only special place for us to stay.
Much love..only from us. :)
May Allah bless both of your journey. -Amin

  p/s : I know that I have not been updating my blog for the past few months. I'm really hoping that I can manage my time better in the future. InshaAllah. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love of Allah

Just read this from :

My life is His permit
I supposed to devote Him, anything He gave to me
So strange when my love to Him is shared with others
Whereas, His pleasure, His love—for me is never shared
Stranger when heart become so restless, and anxient
Meanwhile His help is so close
I find this sweet somehow. :)
p/s : Tomorrow is Israk & Mikraj! Hope all of the Muslims remember the event during that day..but I will include briefly about it below :
 Israk dan Mikraj adalah sebuah peristiwa di mana Nabi Muhammad S.A.W telah di"israk"kan (dibawa berjalan) dari Kota Mekah ke Baitul Muqaddis serta di"mikraj"kan (dibawa naik ke atas) ke Sidratul Muntaha untuk mengadap Allah S.W.T di mana Solat 5 waktu telah difardukan ke atas umat Islam melalui Rasulullah S.A.W. Semuanya berlaku di dalam satu malam sahaja.

Imam al-Thabrani meriwayatkan daripada Anas bin Malik, apabila tibanya bulan Rejab, Baginda mendoakan: “Ya Allah, berkatilah hidup kami di bulan Rejab dan Syaaban dan sampaikan (hayat) kami kepada bulan Ramadan."

REJAB bulan menabur benih. SYAABAN bulan menyiram tanaman. RAMADAN bulan menuai.

REJAB menyucikan badannya. SYAABAN menyucikan hatinya. RAMADAN menyucikan rohnya.

REJAB bulan taubat. SYAABAN bulan muhibbah. RAMADAN dilimpahi pahala amalan.

So, friends..let us increase our good deeds day by day okay!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The most valuable piece in life

    When you ask anyone, anywhere in this world about what is the most valuable piece in your life, obviously we’ll get different types of answers. Some will answer their own life, their pets, friends and so on. Have anyone of you give a thought that both our parents, can also be the most valuable piece of our life?? If you have, then it’s good for you. If you don’t, then..continue reading my explanation la.

   the most crucial constitution in building up a community. For example, to build a stable building, you need to have a strong base, and to have a strong base, you need to have a material of high quality. So, basically, family can be considered as the material whereby the responsibility of producing a child that has good qualities within him/her goes to both the parents. But this also depends on the attitude of the parents.
            What I am trying to stress out here is, no matter how our parent’s attitude are, we should still respect and care about them. We shouldn’t have the hatred for them. Actually, we don’t even have the right to hate them because no matter how much you hate them, you cannot change the fact that they are your parents. So, rather than torturing your emotions, you should do something to change them to be better right? Talk to them, discuss with them about what you think or the least that you can do is to pray for them.
             I always get sensitive when talking about family. So, I do get very emotional looking at children who do not respect their parents. Especially to those who send their parents to the nursery. I pity them a lot. It always make me think back about those precious moments when our mother risks their own life in giving birth to us, our dad who works everyday or at least try hard to find money to take good care of their own family and many more. The lists goes me. Sincerely speaking, although we sacrifice our life for them, the hardship that they went through for us are incompatible and priceless. Thus, the simplest thing that we can do to make them very happy is by being a good and responsible child towards them and become a human being which has good qualities within ourselves. Make them proud of having us.            Seriously, I can still remember both my parent’s expression when I brought them my examination results..and when I got the offer to join the National Service.haha..I just can pray and hope that I can continue to be a daughter who can accomplish my tasks and responsibilities well. inshaAllah.
            Last but not least, the only thing that I can say is not all of us are same. Not all of us are lucky. Sometimes reality bites but always think positive. Allah knows the best for us. Let’s just hope for the best and pray for the best okay.

Fear (and respect) Allah, and know that He has knowledge of all things. [2:231]

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sesungguhnya, Allah itu dekat.

Just read a hadith about Allah. I was touched. When I was reading it once, my heart was beating hardly. Second time, tears coming out. Third time, I realized how great He is to all of us. Subhanallah.

Di dalam sebuah hadis Qudsi, Allah berfirman:

"Aku bergantung pada persangkaan hamba-Ku terhadap-Ku, Aku pasti bersamanya ketika dia mengingati-Ku. Maka jika ia mengingati-Ku dalam dirinya, Aku akan menyebutnya dalam Diri-Ku, jika ia mengingat-Ku dalam suatu jamaah, Aku akan menyebutnya dalam suatu jamaah yang jauh lebih baik daripada mereka, jika ia mendekat kepada-Ku sejengkal, Aku akan mendekat kepadanya sehasta, jika ia mendekat kepada-Ku sehasta, Aku akan mendekat kepadanya sedepa, jika dia mendekat kepada-Ku dengan berjalan, Aku akan mendekatinya dengan berlari."


Life is not always easy. Tambahan manusia ni memang cepat lupa, lalai dan lemah terutamanya apabila ditimpa musibah. So, find an upbeat surrounding or atmosphere. I mean find friends who always being supportive..who will lead us nearer to Allah and our success in world and hereafter, inshaAllah. Tapi kalau dapat kawan yang kurang baik tu, janganlah tinggalkan dia. Tarik dia ke arah kebaikan. Amar makruf nahi mungkar. :) Next,watch inspiring movies..which have good moral values. As for me, I love to watch thriller,adventurous  and science fictions. That's one of my way of being strong. You can watch romantic movies but don't watch too much. Limit yourself. But the most important thing is, read al-Quran everyday. Seriously, that is the biggest secret of being strong emotionally and mentally. So, to those who still don't have Quran with them, I would suggest to buy it with its translation together and read it everyday to understand it.

If we want to talk to Allah, then perform shalat but if you want Allah to talk to you, then read the Quran. Reading Al-Mathurat is also like providing a bionic power to us. (al-mathurat ialah  kumpulan wirid dan doa harian yang selalu dibaca oleh Rasulallah s.a.w)
Apabila kita semua dah penat, jadikan semua ni sebagai santapan untuk rohani kita..tapi amalkan selalu jangan tunggu bila penat saja tau. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan! 
I know for beginners it ain't that easy. But trust me..I was a beginner. others also are. Each of us tried our best to prove that we can do it. It's like trying to get 4 flat for the level of our Iman. (Please ponder yang iman kita sentiasa bertambah dan berkurang. Ini bermaksud kita perlu sentiasa berusaha untuk merasai kemanisan iman tersebut.) Although it is tough but Allah will look at how much effort we had put in to change to be better. He will not only look at the outcome. Allah is the Most Fair & Just. Let's get to know more about our Creator!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moving on

Life is not called life where u don't have a journey,
A journey is not called a journey if u don't have challenges,
Challenges are not called challenges if they're not meant to teach us lessons,
Lessons that are important in our life,
Lessons that will eventually be our experience,
Experience that make us more mature in solving any problems in the future,
Experience that make us not to repeat the same mistake in the future,
Experience that make us think back of all the things that we had done,
It can be a good or a bad memory..
The good ones are meant to be kept in a special place in the heart while the bad ones are meant to be kept in the brain securely so that we will never ever go back again to that port.
I just wanna say that, everything that happened throughout my life thought me a lot of things..even until now and till the end of my life,it will still teach me about those precious things to be valued on Earth.
All of the things I had gone through made me realize of a lot of things.
Things that are good & bad..things that are expected & unexpected..things that are silly & stupid..
Learning about commitments & responsibility made me realize of life aint that easy.
It has never, I won't take my life for granted!
Rather than complaining, I must find a way to solve it,
Rather than being mad, I must learn to control the anger,
Rather than watching others do mistakes, I must tell & advice them..
Life is not that complicated's us who decide how we wanna live for our future..
 I am moving a smoother pace of my life (inshaAllah) where there will be a lot of improvement on myself,
Where less people who will really know who I am,
Where it will be harder for them to understand me (maybe),
Because I don't want to burden them with my problems,
The least that I can do is by trying to solve it though it takes way lot of courage to try..
khoshish karne walo kabhi har nahi hoti...
Keep that in mind..ALWAYS!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Holiday is finishing!

Salam...err my mid sem holiday is finishing la..
the last time, I remembered bringing back asgmts to be done but cn only finish a few. hehe..
well,don't blame me ok since it's holiday so, I'm really using it maximumly doing lots of things.
Going out with family..jalan2 maa..
Driving my sisters to school..(b4 chinese new year's holiday)
wandering around the town..
Visiting relatives..
but among all, I think we did the last one the most..
ya..we visited most our relatives during the holiday..penat2
I just realized dat there are so many of them!
it's kinda hard too when we have lots of relatives..seriously, no joke!
wanna know why?..coz we cannot take care of everybody well rite?
for example, when we are getting married, n we are suppose to go n invite all of our relatives, it's kinda hard to go n meet all of them.agree?
kalo ada yg sempat tu,alhamdulillah..good la. but kalo yg x cukup masa how?
confirm nnt mesti ada yg merungut didn't invite us the right way la..bla bla bla but kalo ada yg terlupa nk jmpt?lg haru..hoho
so, my advice is simple..just visit them now and then so dat we will remember them, insyaAllah.
actually, today we visited one of my papa's uncle. His son is getting married tomorrow but I won't be able to attend it so, my dad brought us all to go and meet them.
N wanna know what happened?
I just found out that they're mix as well!
punjab muslim wei!
finally, gotta speak hindi. I mean punjab live la!
hehe..kinda overreact.but my great grand dadima there speaks punjab very well.
hmm..there's difference btw hindi n punjab. punjab is more difficult. Hindi is kinda simpler.
My great grand dadima here just recovered from..I dunno wat actually happened but they did MRI, really checked her I must say. She's 88 but uski dil badi changgi hain. 
(her heart is still very healthy)
alhamdulillah..n I really love wat she told us when we were there. Simple yet very meaningful.
Niat itu penting, 
niat baik, Allah balas baik.
Niat jahat, Allah balas jahat.
It's so true..mesti dh byk kali dgr rite? but it's different when you hear it from someone special like my dadima here. ^_^
Gosh..I'm gonna miss everything here..
InsyaAllah, there's lot more to be done to have a good future for myself n my family.

Family comes first, bring your heart home..hehe

Monday, January 17, 2011


Allah Ne Farishton Ko Sirf Aqal Di Hai
Magar Khawahishat Nahi De Hain
Aur Janwaroo Ko Khawahishat De Hai
Magar Aqal Nahi De Hai
Aur Insan Ko Ye Dono Chizain De Hain
Lihaza Jis Ki Aqal Us K Khawahish Pe
Galib Aajaye Wo
Farishtoo Se Behtar Hai
Aur Jis Ki Khawahish Us Ke
Aqal Pe Galib Aajaye
Wo Janwar Se Bedtar Hai

It means that :

Allah hanya mengurniakan akal kepada malaikat,
tapi tidak mengurniakan nafsu,
dan Allah hanya mengurniakan nafsu (keinginan) kepada haiwan,
tapi tidak mengurniakan akal,
dan Allah mengurniakan kedua-dua akal dan nafsu ini kepada manusia,
yang membuktikan bahawa dengan memiliki nafsu (keinginan), manusia lebih baik drpd malaikat dan dengan memiliki akal, manusia menjadi lebih baik drpd haiwan.
- Hazrat Ali

Tapi cuba renungkan kembali..sejauh manakah kebenaran kenyataan ini pada zaman skrg??

May ALLAH bless us always..insyaAllah =)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

-Give it a thought-

Salam everyone,
Well, I must say that it had been a hectic week for me to handle a lot of unexpected things that came through my way..but alhamdulillah all went well~
Actually, I have things that I think I must share here..

Pernah dengar tentang fitnah pada akhir zaman kan? I bet all of you should know more about it. Ada banyak contoh tentang fitnah pd akhir zaman ni, yang jelasnya ialah wanita, harta, pangkat and so on. But yesterday someone told me about another thing that can cause this :

Iaitu ilmu pengetahuan yang tinggi tapi ramai yang kehilangan makrifahnya.

Makrifah bermaksud petunjuk Allah dan ayat di atas ini menjelaskan tentang sesetengah manusia yang masih melakukan perkara2 yang dilarang oleh Allah walaupun mempunyai pengetahuan tentangnya. Cth : seorg peguam yg mengambil rasuah & membela pesalah or seorang lecturer yg berzina n much more. It can be anything. The simplest example is a student who is learning but at the same time, he/she doesn't pray, doesn't obey to what Allah has obliged us to do.
Pernah dengar juga mengenai kenyataan ini kan : 
Ilmu yg suci tidak akan masuk ke dalam hati yg bermaksiat.
Aaah dis is the best part :-
1)tapi macam mana ya orang yg byk buat maksiat blh dpt pointer yg lbh baik n tinggi? n 
2)kenapa org yg rajin solat,pergi usrah semua x blh dpt( apa yg org di atas ni blh)?

I will include some of the phrases from the Quran, try to understand it :
"Dan sekiranya orang2 yg zalim mempunyai segala apa yg ada di bumi dan ditambah lagi sebanyak itu, nescaya mereka akan menebus dirinya dengan itu dari azab yg buruk pd hari kiamat." [39:47] ,referring to the 1st part.
"Apakah manusia mengira bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan hanya dengan mengatakan "Kami telah beriman" dan mereka tidak diuji? Dan sungguh, Kami telah menguji org2 sblm mereka,maka Allah pasti mengetahui org2 yg benar dan org2 yg berdusta." [29:2&3], referring to the 2nd part.

Hmm..remember this as well, we as a muslim have 2 options in our life. whether to live well or live hell. There are also 2 visions in our life. World & Hereafter. Sepatutnya, sebagai seorang umat Islam, kita seharusnya membuat banyak amal kebaikan sebagai bekalan untuk ke akhirat nanti tetapi dalam masa yang sama kita tidak boleh sewenang-wenangnya melepaskan tuntutan dan kewajipan kita sebagai seorang khalifah di atas muka bumi ini. Never! We should be strong spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

And have you ever heard of the word motivation? sure you all means motive and action,rite??hehe..I'm not very sure but we must have a motive or a vision and work hard for it. We cannot achieve what we want by just taking things for granted. It never works. What I'm trying to point out here is if you had made a mind to do something good, go ahead and  do it. Don't be doubtful about it. And yeah, always know your strengths and weaknesses to face the obstacles in your life. The more you know about yourself the more you will appreciate yourself and the more you will be grateful to Allah. InsyaAllah, let's all of us pray for the best for ourselves and for the people we love. ^_^

Monday, January 3, 2011

-Too much spices do no harm in life-

I think it's not to late to wish Happy New Year kan? hehe..
but rasa seronok la jugak tengok azam baru orang lain semua. Hopefully they try their best to fulfill their resolutions. jangan sekadar cakap tapi tak serupa bikin okay. So, I have my own resolutions as well.

responsibility :
- don't want to burn any of my lectures.
- wanna be a good girl,good daughter,good student,good friend but i wanna continue being a thick headed a good way. (heh..mcm adala)
- wanna maximise my usage of time with things that will benefit me.
- I am and will strive hard for my future, want to realize my dream.
- pointer target 3.5 blh? hahaha..mak cakap kena target tinggi2. jgn sedih kalo org lain punya performance are better than us. "slow & steady" (kata2 keramat mak tuh) haha..pray 4 me ma..n papa too! =)

leisure time :
- I really want to buy all of Hlovate's novels and finish reading them! mmg santai la cara beliau mengarang. sempoi habis! more about how a person will change towards a better human being. how will they later on learn and know more about their religion. what makes them change? and how they maintain it. the right way of acting if you love someone, what it takes to achieve your ambition and so on.  Hlovate's novels tells us about our reality now..and I do respect the way Hlovate voice out her/his opinion. (still don't know the identity).
- finish doing all my wordoku! hehe..
- Improving myself esp my softskill and from every aspect la I would say.

I think that's all. Lot of things happened last year and also beginning year 2011. Time do flies by fast eh? cpt mcm bullet train je rasa. watever la..just trying to make the best out of the situation!
"Jangan korang ingat seksi tu lawa.Jangan korang ingat kalau bagi perempuan seksi yang boleh pegang tarik bawak ke hulu ke hilir,aku tak tolak.Aku tak suka."Keruh wajah Ked tika itu.Namun tone suaranya tenang penuh diplomasi. "Korang punya mindset aku respect,so please treat mindset aku dengan cara yang sama. Relationship bagi aku ada satu ending je.Marriage.Aku tak nak bawak awek lawa seksi ke hulu ke hilir buat teman sosial macam dah kawin,lepas tu nak kawin nanti cari lain pulak.Aku nak wife aku nanti yang tak pernah disentuh dipandang lelaki selain dari apa yang patut.Dan aku tak rasa patut untuk aku buat macam tu pada mana-mana perempuan yang bakal jadi isteri orang jugak satu hari nanti." 
- from Ked's story by Hlovate~

p/s : I just found out that I am no good at words! so, I just spill out whatever that I feel directly in this blog. Tak berkias2,tak pusing2 mmg direct habis..coz I'm like that.
--> yeh filmy duniya dramatic kahaniyaan..welcome to the so-called hectic+stressed but enjoyable life.