Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inspiring Motivation

Life is not always easy,
Sometimes you need to do things you don't want to do,
You have to face things you don't want to face,
Have faith in yourself,
You have to be strong,
You are not a loser,
You have to be a winner in your own way,
Success begin with a determination,
It suck out your energy,
Expose your potential,
Sparks out your ability & shows off your confidence,
A person who succeed will never breath a word of giving up,
Don't let sadness consume up all the power in you,
Whatever ordeals your face,
Face it with a brave heart,
Life is like that..
The difference between a winner and a loser depends on how a person overcome problems & cope with EMOTIONS,
Believe in yourself!! ^_^
-Back in UKM already..
-New semester uh?well..let's face all the challenges here!! can't wait to face the stressful life but still I must say, enjoy every moment of our life since we don't know how long we will live right?heh..
My advice to all including myself is keep improving to be a better person! =)
Reminder for me:
-Don't repeat the same mistake again! (assume there's a big NO ENTRY there)haha..
-Go go chase your dream! put a lot of effort to realize it coz you know where you wanna be now..moga ALLAH mudahkan urusan..insyaALLAH, you will achieve what you want in your life.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Salam, it always feel great to be back home..no matter how long my holiday is, I will not get bored because I will try to fulfill my time doing things that I like.
haha..some of them are: 
- watching dramas,TV,surfing the internet
- babysitting
- revising back on things that I want to..hahaha
- currently,doing research about the Sun..don't ask me why coz suddenly, I am interested to it's structure and how it functions..hoho
- brushing up my skills on learning and speaking Malay,English n Hindi as well.
- preparing mentally and physically to face my new semester next year! 
I think that's it la kot..I am getting my result next week..mmg nervous hbs nih! 

p/s : wanna be a hardworking person..wanna get good result,wanna be a good,kind friend,wanna be a good daughter,sister..n wanna be a good girl for sure..selain berusaha menjadi seorang manusia yang bermanfaat. InsyaALLAH~
pray 4 me ok..^_^