Saturday, March 20, 2010

the rush hour~'s been a long time i didn't updated my blog. Kind of busy with lot's of things for the past few months..there's even some tragedy occurred. Hope everything will go on well and smooth after this.
okay..why rush hour??..hmm because eventually there's only 3 weeks left for me to get prepared for my final exam..i can't freeze the's going to fast!..Feels like i just entered UKM yesterday..n now i am almost finishing my first year..but at the same time i do feel happy because i have learned a lot  of things here..i had gained a lot of experiences as well..
by end of this week, i need to submit my Workplace Communication's report, my resume and cover letter..believe it or not i am really enjoying this course..reason??..because this is the only course that i am taking without having any final exam..they will actually access us through the way we act in the class, the way we do our presentation, our discipline and the way we act in the job interview..I am impressed!..and happy 4 sure!..(p/s: thanx ili 4 the support! u helped me a lot this time..;p)
    Besides that, my music classic (ko-k),I don't know what's going to happen...I rarely have enough time to addition, we don't have a permanent coach to teach keeps changing, I have decided to just continue pracitising on my own..and if possible one hour everyday to get myself prepared for this coming Malam Manifestasi Seni UKM..this is a big event for me because we'll be accessed on that day.
What else??..oh ya talking about reports..recently I got a project using the find a group also was a hard job for me because I am used to working with girls rather than boys. Unfortunately, this can't go on because in engineering there are big opportunity that I need to work with why not now rite?..Need to practise working and technically coorperating with them and learn the differences between the way a lady and guy works.
   Last but not least, my final exam is starting on the 12th of April and finishing on the 23rd of April 10!..I can't wait to go home..and this time I hope I'll be extra happy because my best friends are following! I hope we will have our great time together! =)
So, enough for now..gonna write later in the future! insyaAllah..