Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hey there!..I really hope it is not too late to wish a very happy new year to everyone..
Lots of things that had happened during the year before..2009~all the memories, moment of joy and sadness, new friends, meeting very friendly and understanding people and etc..
 So, for this new year 2010, like other people i also have my own determination :
1. Trying my very best to be a good person that includes a good daughter, student and a kind friend.
2. Hope this time I will do my continuous study and finish my assignments LAST MINUTE work.
3. Trying to divide and manage my time so that i can meet my friends-(reunion maybe) and cousins.
4. Learning to be a more responsible person since my papa is giving me lots of 'test' to know my ability.
5. Don't ever be overconfident.
6. Learn to respect the others and the others will learn to respect you.
7. Take good care of my health.
8. Trying to not to be so rude to people..(need to put lot of effort in this matter..hehe)
9. Exercise regularly.
10. Be positive and make your past as your experience to go through the future.