Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inspiring Motivation

Life is not always easy,
Sometimes you need to do things you don't want to do,
You have to face things you don't want to face,
Have faith in yourself,
You have to be strong,
You are not a loser,
You have to be a winner in your own way,
Success begin with a determination,
It suck out your energy,
Expose your potential,
Sparks out your ability & shows off your confidence,
A person who succeed will never breath a word of giving up,
Don't let sadness consume up all the power in you,
Whatever ordeals your face,
Face it with a brave heart,
Life is like that..
The difference between a winner and a loser depends on how a person overcome problems & cope with EMOTIONS,
Believe in yourself!! ^_^
-Back in UKM already..
-New semester uh?well..let's face all the challenges here!! can't wait to face the stressful life but still I must say, enjoy every moment of our life since we don't know how long we will live right?heh..
My advice to all including myself is keep improving to be a better person! =)
Reminder for me:
-Don't repeat the same mistake again! (assume there's a big NO ENTRY there)haha..
-Go go chase your dream! put a lot of effort to realize it coz you know where you wanna be now..moga ALLAH mudahkan urusan..insyaALLAH, you will achieve what you want in your life.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Salam, it always feel great to be back home..no matter how long my holiday is, I will not get bored because I will try to fulfill my time doing things that I like.
haha..some of them are: 
- watching dramas,TV,surfing the internet
- babysitting
- revising back on things that I want to..hahaha
- currently,doing research about the Sun..don't ask me why coz suddenly, I am interested to it's structure and how it functions..hoho
- brushing up my skills on learning and speaking Malay,English n Hindi as well.
- preparing mentally and physically to face my new semester next year! 
I think that's it la kot..I am getting my result next week..mmg nervous hbs nih! 

p/s : wanna be a hardworking person..wanna get good result,wanna be a good,kind friend,wanna be a good daughter,sister..n wanna be a good girl for sure..selain berusaha menjadi seorang manusia yang bermanfaat. InsyaALLAH~
pray 4 me ok..^_^

Monday, November 1, 2010

Allah kiya karo by Maher Zain

I really like this song la..best~ coz ada lirik dlm hindi skali..hehe
can really 'feel' it..understand the meaning of it and try to apply it in my daily life.

Allahi Allah kiya karo
Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
Jo duniya ka malik hai
Naam ussi ka liya karo.

Allah hee Allah…
Allahi Allah kiya karo
Dukh na kissi ko diya karo
Jo duniya ka malik hai
Naam usi ka liya karo.

Allahi Allah…
Just like a sunrise can’t be denied
Oh, just like the river will find the sea
O Allah, You’re here and You’re always near
And I know without a doubt
That You always hear my prayer

Such ki raah pay chala karo
Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
Jo duniya ka malik hai
Naam ussi ka liya karo.

Allah hee Allah..
Allah hee Allah kiya karo
Dukh naa kisi ko diya karo
Jo duniya ka malik hai
Naam usi ka liya karo.

Allah hi Allah
So many bright stars
Like diamonds in the sky
Oh, it makes me wonder
How anyone can be blind
To all the signs so clear
Just open your eyes
And I know without a doubt
You will surely see the light

Teri hi duniyaan tere hi zameen
Yeh kehkar shahein tu ney kareem
Mere maula sunley dua'
Main bast hain tere bina
Roshan kar jahaan

Aisa zulm na kiya karo
Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
Jo duniya ka malik hai
Naam usi ka liya karo.

Allah hee Allah
Allah he Allah kiya karo
Dukh na kisi ko diya karo
Jo duniya ka malik hai
Naam ussi ka liya karo.

It is hard for me to interpret it this time..sorry~

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ek dukhi si dil kei liye..=)

hmm..feeling bored, but I shouldn't be feeling like this because another 2 more papers to go n a project to be settled before I go back home! actually, dat day I bought majalah SOLUSI..edisi cetak ulangan..bab hati kot. ha'ah betullah and kononnya nak simpan n baca time on the way balik rumah..but what to do, hati pn dah meronta2 nak baca, so baca la jugak kan..hehe
and I would as usual wanna share with whoever who read this blog 4 sure ;

Duhai mata yg sedang menangis.....

Tangisan bukan keaiban tapi satu keperluan. Sama ada kau lelaki atau wanita, kau perlu pada tangisan. Ia menjernihkan kornea dan menajamkan penglihatan. Ia meringankan ketegangan jiwa. Ia mengungkapkan kesedihan lalu merungkai beban yang tersimpan.

Jika kau lelaki, kenapa perlu malu pada tangisan? Mungkin sosiobudaya mendidikmu bahawa tangisan itu satu kelemahan dalam mengendalikan kemampuan. Kau mungkin dipisahkan antara diri dengan perasaanmu sendiri oleh didikan silam. Apa pun,tak siapa dapat menafikan kau juga insan yang punyai hati dan perasaan. Isi hatimu kadangkala perlu diluahkan dengan tangisan untuk mengurangkan tekanan dan risiko penyakit. Tak perlu menipu diri berlagak kuat dengan menafikan air mata kerana kelak badanmu mendapat darurat.

Jika kau wanita,kau mungkin lebih banyak menangis daripada lelaki. Tahukah engkau betapa penyayang-Nya ALLAH padamu hingga Dia menciptakan kalenjar-kalenjar air matamu lebih besar daripada lelaki. Tidak hairanlah kajian ilmiah menunjukkan kau menangis 4x lebih banyak dari lelaki.

Ia antara penyebab panjangnya usiamu berbanding lelaki. Masakan tidak, air matamu keluar bersama keluarnya peratusan racun dari tubuh. Doktor pakar mata berkata, air mata penting untuk menyucikan mata daripada racun yang keluar akibat ketegangan urat saraf perasaan dan emosi yang tidak stabil.


niway, my title means "for those who are sad," bad mood, confused n apa2 yg seangkatan dengannya la..
so, my advice for all and including myself is always look at the bright side of life of whatever that happens..and always remember what happens in you is more important than what happens to you..hamesha and forever..^_^
and sometimes we need to cry because it's the best way of reducing our burden..don't expect ourselves to always be strong ok.
till then, bittaufiq wannajah fil imtihan..;p

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

critical mind thinking~

Today was my 1st paper of final exam..open book okay..haha
bila masuk exam hall tadi student yang lain semua tercengang.."pehal tbe2 leh bw msk buku nih?", "open book eh?wah..bestnya!"..n etc la but for ur kind information blaja engine ni it's more of having a creative n critical thinking coz we have more applications to be solved rather than read and memorize..
bawa buku tadi tu membantu la sikit2..but majority I had to think out of the box n masa pun tak cukup kot tadi..one of my lecturer said.."korang, kalo tmbh lagi 3 jam pn xkn cukup.." haha..mmg btol gak la..ish manusia,,mmg susah mau bersyukur ey..shahirah, change that bad habit! what else?hmm..xde pape kot.. otak pn dh rse cm nk putus fius je jwb sln tuh..rse cm kelakar pn ad ble fikir blk psl exam tadi..haru la shahirah camni..focus on next paper..focus3!
gtg..till then sayonara ok! hehehe..

" Ilmu itu lebih baik daripada harta. Ilmu menjaga engkau dan engkau menjaga harta. Ilmu itu penghukum (hakim) dan harta terhukum. "

Saturday, October 23, 2010

You should just have resisted~

Well, ever heard of love is blind? one of my friend always correct me if I use this sentence..she will tell me that love is not blind but the people are always making it blind. wanna know why? coz they are in their own world and mostly they can't differentiate what is right and wrong already..don't really care about the rules/ hukum that we should obey in Islam. Love...it doesn't comes according to our need. My analogy is, it's like when you are hungry then u will search for food rite..but love is not like that. it's not like, owh I finished my studies already so I can find my love now..that's not the way it goes. Love just comes, sometimes even without we realize about it. It just happens..even I am admitting here that love just comes without your own permission..yeh dil ki mamla kabhi2 bohot complicated ho sakhti hain..(anything related to heart can be complicated sometimes).. sometimes we keep on thinking why, why and why it happened..but I can just say that maybe this is ALLAH's will..to see how strong our iman is towards HIM, to see how we should just resisted ourselves from things that we shouldn't do, to see how we control our feelings rather than let it control us..but I know it ain't easy..esp when it comes to the person that we love rite? but what if he is not the one? we wasted our time,money n energy for someone that will not be our soulmate..x rse all those things membazir ke? what if later on when we're married,then we met back with our ex-bf/gf? don't u feel embarassed? I don't know about u all but I will get embarassed of myself..so to prevent that I must take good care of myself rite? huh..hard but got to get through all of these things.
n there's one good positive thing that I wanna share :
 there's no such thing as coincidence, everything is fated..
maybe he is the right one for us but hey c'on when the time comes we will live with our soul mate like forever rite? insyaALLAH..so,just be patient and do what we are suppose to do now..(reminder for myself too!) 
n last but not least..I wanna share something, renung2kan and understand the meanings as well okeh..=)

It started off with just a simple greeting,
A simple smile, A simple reason,
It was nothing your nafs whispered,
Just an ordinary conversation between two pals,
Then he started to ask about your personal hobbies,
Personal favorites,
He started showing care for you,

 Oh yes, you resisted at first,
It was nothing you kept on repeating,
But your nafs kept on insisting,
You began to accept,
Little by little,
Until your dreams and thoughts were filled with fantasies,
Filled with insecure lullabies,
It was nothing you kept on reminding,
The day came when you did not realize,
You were holding hands,
Sharing jokes and laughter,
Teasing and wishing every occasion,

Oh yes, You did not resist,
It was nothing you kept securing yourself,
Excuses kept getting better,
 Self-justifications wandered off nowhere to be seen,
Because once you give in,
Once you fall in,
It’s hard to get out,
It’s difficult to fall out,
It’s too late…..
You should just have resisted. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A conversation btw heart and brain..

Basically, I am facing this kind of problem..don't know about the others :

Heart : Urgh..susahnya nak berubah..change to be a better person..
Brain : Where there's a will, there's a way..ALLAH tak tengok pada natijah tapi tengok pada usaha..=)
Heart : why is it so hard to control myself?? selalu berperang dengan perasaan sendiri and diri sendiri.. susahnya nak tinggalkan benda biasa yang kita buat..:(
Brain : Ingat tak..hati ialah raja segala badan? it takes control of everything..your mind, emotions, and etc. so, kalau baik hati tu baiklah semua tapi kalau busuk hati tuh..pkir2 la sendiri..I think u r good enough at differentiating wat is good and bad for yourself..
Heart : hmm..cakap mmg senang tp nk laksanakannya susah tau tak??
Brain : tgk surah an-nur : 40.."Barang siapa tidak diberi cahaya(petunjuk) oleh ALLAH, maka dia tidak mempunyai cahaya sedikitpun." nak ke termasuk dlm glgn tuh? nauzubillah min zalik..Remember bukan selalu ALLAH memberi petunjuk kepada kita..hanya orang-orang yang terpilih sahaja..jangan smp ALLAH merajuk dgn kita sebab menolak cahaya yang diberikan..^_^
Heart : but kenapa iman selalu bertambah & berkurang?? aah..ssh3!
Brain : Hey,girl...ingat hanya iman nabi shj yang sentiasa naik..ALLAH bg kita rasa nikmatnya bila iman naik. Then, kita akan selalu berusaha..actually,Allah wants to tell us that He loves people who work hard to improve their iman
Heart : oohh..so do u think I can do it? mampukah??..
Brain : haha..inshaALLAH..let's do it together because I really need you by my side because with you, we can make the best out of everything.InshaALLAH..=)
so,wat say?
Heart : InshaALLAH..let's do this! 

p/s : special thanx to kak saadiah ^.^

Saturday, September 25, 2010


~The hardship battle when ur against yourself..
Actually dah lama rasanya nak tulis my own opinion and summary about this novel but I was waiting for the right time and I hope now is the right time la..huhu
1st time I looked at this novel, I was curious...well yelah kali pertama tengok tajuk novel yang paling ringkas with a deep meaning. Depends on how people will interpret la.
Main characters : Ashraff Omar a.k.a AO and Minn Edina a.k.a Ed'Sassin

It's actually about a person who had to leave the way she lived before..to change to be a better person. But to make the change is not easy. Rasa sakit apabila torn up inside and out..and later on a guy who had lead the same life as the girl before interfered in her life. And he falls for the girl. Nak tau selanjutnya bacalah novel ni ye..I juz wanna quote sentences that I like to read throughout this novel. (sorry,not really good in summarizing)

1)" A versus through and through. By all the senses and the meanings of the word."
Betul la apa yang orang cakap selama ini..nak jadi baik tu bukan senang  tapi selalu ingat bahawa ALLAH tengok pada usaha kita bukan pada natijahnya. So, selagi kita berusaha insyaALLAH, ALLAH akan mudahkan urusan.

2)"...vile women are for vile men and good women are for good men, and good men are for good women: such are innocent of that which people say: For them is a pardon and a bountiful provision." - Surah an-nur

3)" All the verses in the Quran are like personal love letters from God to us. Kalau tak percaya tengok dia punya translation. If you want to find solace and balm for the sore, the words will heal it straight away. Ayat memujuk macam dalam al-Insyirah and ad-Dhuha. Sooth you anytime.."

I think that's all about versus..but I really do encourage people to read this novel because it doesn't emphasize more about feelings and emotions. It opens people's mind especially the Muslims la on how to lead your life as a Muslim. Like I have said, Islam is addin and addin is the way of living. InsyaALLAH, may ALLAH bless us and permudahkan urusan hidup now and hereafter..AMIN

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Khazanah kerahsiaan..

I hope it is not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya..Maaf Zahir & Batin ^_^..
Selagi Syawal belum habis selagi tu raya pun belum habiskn?hehe..but the sad part is holiday is finishing..sedihnya nak tinggalkan rumah..feel really protected at home you know..and pampered as well..*wink*
Unfortunately,sebagai seorang mahasiswa yang bertanggungjawab & prihatin, kita perlu berkorban right? Bak pepatah mengatakan bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. Actually,semalam selepas melayan tetamu yang bertandang ke rumah, mengemas rak buku di bilik sekejap. It's like refreshing back all my memories of my past..especially when looking back at my matriculation books, the magazines and to my surprise I found back my precious novel! Thanks a lot to my dear,Ain for introducing this novel to me..'Khazinatul Asrar'~Best sangat jalan ceritanya. I don't know why but I do love to read a lot..it's good or not,based on the kind of material we are reading for sure. So, I would like to share some of the messages that I get from this novel. It's kind of Islamic actually but I love the way it opens my mind to think more about something.
"..Kewajipan yang perlu kamu lakukan lebih banyak daripada masa yang kamu ada." - As-Syahid Al-Imam Hassan Al-Banna

" Malu kena ada pada tempatnya. Kita mesti menjadi pemalu untuk melakukan perkara yang tak Allah redhai sebab kita ni hanya bertaraf hamba ALLAH sahaja kat muka bumi milik ALLAH ini. Sifat malu inilah yang akan meninggikan martabat kita sebagai wanita."

Satu hadis Rasulallah s.a.w mengatakan :
" Pakaian kita ketaqwaan, hiasan kita malu dan hasil kita adalah ilmu."

"..Bersandar pada manusia hanyalah satu asbab yang kecil untuk mencintai ALLAH. Hakikatnya, segala kemahuan pasti ada jalan apatah lagi kemahuan yang baik untuk bercinta dengan ALLAH, pasti ALLAH akan mempermudahkannya. Pokok pangkalnya, tanyalah diri kita sama ada kita mahu atau tidak..ALLAH memberikan taufiq kerana diri kita sendiri yang mencari hidayah-Nya. Yang pasti, ALLAH sentiasa menanti hamba-Nya dengan penuh cinta kerana Maha Agung-Nya sifat Ar-Rahman dan Ar-Rahim ALLAH. Malangnya, tak ramai yang tahu menghargai cinta ALLAH terhadap hamba-Nya. Ciptaan ALLAH yang hina lebih dicintai daripada Penciptanya sendiri..."

"..Tidak guna kita terlalu memuja seseorang kerana mungkin dia tidak diciptakan untuk kita. Bukankah lebih baik bergantung harapan kepada Penciptanya sendiri kerana ALLAH lah pemilik dan pemegang hati setiap insan. ALLAH lebih mengetahui siapakah yang terbaik untuk seseorang. Kesedaran inilah yang boleh menjadikan setiap insan redha dengan kebijaksanaan ALLAH mentadbirkan sesuatu."

"...beginikah sikap seorang hamba yang mengaku ALLAH adalah segala-galanya? Cipataan ALLAH lebih dipuja daripada Pencipta-Nya sendiri. Manusia itu sesuatu yang tidak pasti...manusia biasa yang akan pergi. Apabila ALLAH menariknya dari kamu, kamu harus yakin dengan ALLAH. ALLAH lebih bijaksana dengan perancangan-Nya. Manusia hanya mampu merancang, ALLAH yang Maha Adil lah yang akan menentukan..setiap takdir ALLAH ada hikmahnya. ALLAH tak sesekali sesuka hati menganiaya hamba-Nya. Dia Maha Pengasih. Kamu seharusnya mentarbiyyah diri kerana cinta ALLAH bukannya kerana mengharapkan cinta seorang manusia biasa. Yakinlah..kalau kamu benar-benar ikhlas & yakin dengan ALLAH, pasti ALLAH akan menggantikan cinta manusia yang boleh mendekatkan kamu kepada-Nya. Gadis/jejaka yang terbaik untuk kamu.."

So, basically..the conclusion is Put Your Trust in ALLAH..He knows the BEST for us!
p/s : mujahadah itu pahit tetapi ingatlah bahawa syurga itu manis. dan ingat juga bahawa jalan ke neraka itu sangat mengasyikkan tetapi jalan untuk ke syurga itu sangat memeritkan. Bertuahlah bagi sesiapa yang istiqamah dalam mengenal ALLAH dengan lebih mendalam. Moga ALLAH sentiasa melindungi kita daripada kejahatan & keburukan serta mendekatkan kita ke arah kebaikan. AMIN-

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


 Well, ever heard of this term? Obviously,we have not just hear about it but had experience it too right? Especially,as students..I am also included ok. Hmm..what is procrastination? Why do we procrastinate? How to overcome this major problem in our daily life maybe?
Procrastination is the act of putting off or delaying an action to a later time. The way we define things will determine the way we interact with it. For example, if we define procrastination as our bad habit,maybe it will get control of us most of the time..while if we define it as a negative tendency to put aside,then maybe we could get over it. Time is priceless you know so by procrastinating we are not appreciating every second of our life...even it is already stated in the Quran in Surah al-'Asr which means that :
103:1 = By (the token of) Time (through the ages)
103:2 = Verily Man is in loss
103:3 = Except such as have faith, and do righteous deeds and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.
So, basically learning to value our time is a powerful strategy to overcome procrastination and getting the most out from our life. When we value something then we will eventually look after it and protect it..although it's the time that we are talking about now..
I believe that we had gone through the times where we did our last minute assignments, tutorials, projects and etc..and mmg sakitkn nk siapkn semua kerja last minit? I had suffered that once and I am trying my very best to not having the same experience again. All of us are not perfect and sometimes I know we cannot resist the temptation to procrastinate but there are ways to avoid it..
- anticipate future asgmts.
- don't put asgmts off till the last minute.
- do hard asgmts 1st.
- expect the unexpected..(if suddenly emergency cases appear)
- just get started.
- avoid distractions..and
- reward ourselves..haha
p/s : always remember our goals in life and ponder that one of the biggest obstacles in our path is procrastination-the failure to begin, to delay the start and ultimately leave our potentials wasted in the end..we don't want any of that to happen right? so,this is the time to increase our ability or improve our skills and to get to know ourselves better..all the best!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beware of what you talk!

So, how was your day throughout this Ramadhan? well, undoubtedly some will say ok and some will say that it's kind of tiring rite? hmm...I would say both..it's tiring but I'm enjoying it. May ALLAH always give us strength to go on with our life and face the challenges for our upcoming future..^_^
Actually today I want to share about my life..emm my hectic schedule of life as an engineering student.Basically,all of us will have two labs per week and my labs is on every monday and tuesday. Am I happy? Of course I am because I can rest for the rest of my week! but unfortunately, I found out that I struggled more for my labs every week. Wanna know why? Simple..we never learn about the topics YET in the lecture but still need to do our labs well. It's sounds crazy and tough! We will be the 1st group to do the experiments so, it will be easy for the others to ask how n etc. I am not selfish so I do help them...and for your kind information, all of my energy will be used maximumly for those mondays and tuesdays..so, I don't really have the strength to revise for my lecture the next day! Nescafe also won't effect me..trust me,,I will sleep earlier if I drink that.
You guys must be wondering what is the relation between my story and my topic rite? Be patient la..I'm just starting my story..hehe
it's one of the subject that I need to take for this year. I really like the class because of the lecturer..why?hoho..because she loves to call her student's name to ask questions..and I admire her for the way she teaches and make us all understand about the topic that she teach. I mention here again  ALL ok..not all lecturer can do that..the problem is my analog class is on tuesday and wednesday. Monday,got lab..by the time I reach my room I will be totally exhausted and sleep early..same goes for Tuesday..so,don't really get the chance to revise for analog. For all of this while I have been thinking that it's ok because she don't know my name but she knows my friend's name..aisyah..so,obviously la she gets prepared well for analog. Then,one day I told aisyah that I am in the safe zone since she don't know my name so, I won't be her 'victim'.....but what I thought was wrong! The day I told aisyah like that, my name was actually called by my lecturer! Terkejut tu tak payah cakap la sampai dia tanya formula depan mata pun tak dapat jawab..haha..*2 la Shahirah..padan muka,,lain kali cakap lagi..*(monolog sndr) 
hee..but come on look at the bright side..since now she knows me..obviously, I need to burn my midnight oil to study and get prepared well before my analog lecture and obviously I need to reduce the 'quality time' for myself...hmmph it's ok Shahirah! Strive for success! that's what you want right? So, go for it!! =)
one of the machines handled during our analog lab..
IC...~ I love digital...ngee ;p
last but not least,
I am craving for kuih pelita badly!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Have some patience!


Most of us always complain if we were given a test..telling that it's hard,tough n etc..
but try to look at the bright side because everything happens, happens for a reason right?
Even in Al-Quran it's already stated about lots of things..:

 "Allah tidak membebani seseorang itu melainkan sesuai dengan Kesanggupannya."          (Al-Baqarah : 286) 

"Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi pula kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu, Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui."                               (Surah Al-Baqarah : 216) 

"Janganlah kamu bersikap lemah, dan janganlah pula kamu bersedih hati, padahal kamulah orang-orang yang paling tinggi darjatnya, jika kamu orang-orang yang beriman."    (Ali Imraan : 139) 

"Sesungguhnya Allah telah membeli dari orang-orang mu'min, diri, harta mereka dengan memberikan syurga untuk mereka..(At-Taubah : 111) 

"Cukuplah ! Allah bagiku, tidak ada Tuhan selain dariNya. Hanya kepadaNya aku bertawakkal." (Surah At-Taubah : 129) 
and this is my fav..
"Apakah manusia itu mengira bahawa mereka dibiarkan saja mengatakan; "Kami telah beriman," sedangkan mereka tidak diuji? Dan sesungguhnya kami telah menguji orang-orang yang sebelum mereka, maka sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui orang-orang yang benar dan sesungguhnya Dia mengetahui orang-orang yang dusta? (Al-Ankabut : 2-3) 

A piece of hope(",)

Salam..it's been a long time since I am writing back in my blog. I haven't updated it for months! I think I should keep my blog up to date starting from now on...well,currently I had been busy with my 2nd year,1st semester in my university. My seniors told me that 2nd year will be like the toughest year for us because we will be busier with labs,tutors,assignments n etc..and unfortunately, I totally agree with them. Wanna know why? Because I do feel really damn exhausted for this starting weeks of my semester! Sounds harsh na? but I think I should bare with it because to gain something you will lose something right? and yes, I am gaining lots of things now and losing some of my things such as spending some time with my family? yeah..I think that's one of it.haha..
On top of that,I will not just talk about studies here ok..no way! what about this..hmm Ramadhan is coming! Alhamdulillah..I can't wait to lighten up my life again with this precious month..although it will be much more tiring but come on..it's just for one month!
Apart from that, I really hope that I can be a better person in my future..to be the best for myself..
----------------------HAVE A NICE JOURNEY OF LIFE--------------------
study 1st
then think about this...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I almost forget how special I am (",)

Well, I wanted to share this immediately after I read this..it's not about me alone actually..
It's about how special women are but at a point they never realize it..including me!
So, let us begin....heheh :
WANITA Ketika Tuhan menciptakan wanita, DIA lembur pada hari ke-enam. Malaikat datang dan bertanya,”Mengapa begitu lama, Tuhan?” Tuhan menjawab: “Sudahkan engkau lihat semua detail yang saya buat untuk menciptakan mereka?

2 Tangan ini harus bisa dibersihkan, tetapi bahannya bukan dari plastik. Setidaknya terdiri dari 200 bagian yang bisa digerakkan dan berfungsi baik untuk segala jenis makanan. Mampu menjaga banyak anak saat yang bersamaan. Punya pelukan yang dapat menyembuhkan sakit hati dan keterpurukan… , dan semua dilakukannya cukup dengan dua tangan ini ”

Malaikat itu takjub.
Hanya dengan dua tangan?....impossible!

Dan itu model standard?!
Sudahlah TUHAN, cukup dulu untuk hari ini, besok kita lanjutkan lagi untuk menyempurnakannya“.
Oh.. Tidak, SAYA akan menyelesaikan ciptaan ini, karena ini adalah ciptaan favorit SAYA”.
O yah Dia juga akan mampu menyembuhkan dirinya sendiri, dan bisa bekerja 18 jam sehari”.
Malaikat mendekat dan mengamati bentuk wanita-ciptaan TUHAN itu.
Tapi ENGKAU membuatnya begitu lembut TUHAN ? Yah.. SAYA membuatnya lembut. Tapi ENGKAU belum bisa bayangkan kekuatan yang SAYA berikan agar mereka dapat mengatasi banyak hal yang luar biasa.“
Dia bisa berpikir?, tanya malaikat.
Tuhan menjawab:
Tidak hanya berpikir, dia mampu bernegosiasi.
Malaikat itu menyentuh dagunya....
TUHAN, ENGKAU buat ciptaan ini kelihatan lelah & rapuh! Seolah terlalu banyak beban baginya.”
Itu bukan lelah atau rapuh....itu air mata, koreksi TUHAN
Untuk apa?, tanya malaikat
TUHAN melanjutkan:
Air mata adalah salah satu cara dia mengekspressikan kegembiraan, kegalauan, cinta, kesepian, penderitaan dan kebanggaan.”
Luar biasa, ENGKAU jenius TUHAN kata malaikat.
ENGKAU memikirkan segala sesuatunya, wanita- ciptaanMU ini akan sungguh menakjubkan!
Ya mestii!
Wanita ini akan mempunyai kekuatan mempesona laki-laki. Dia dapat mengatasi beban bahkan melebihi laki-laki.
Dia mampu menyimpan kebahagiaan dan pendapatnya sendiri.
Dia mampu tersenyum bahkan saat hatinya menjerit.
Mampu menyanyi saat menangis, menangis saat terharu, bahkan tertawa saat ketakutan.
Dia berkorban demi orang yang dicintainya.
Mampu berdiri melawan ketidakadilan.
Dia tidak menolak kalau melihat yang lebih baik.
Dia menerjunkan dirinya untuk keluarganya. Dia membawa temannya yang sakit untuk berobat.
Cintanya tanpa syarat.
Dia menangis saat melihat anaknya adalah pemenang.
Dia girang dan bersorak saat melihat kawannya tertawa .
Dia begitu bahagia mendengar kelahiran.
Hatinya begitu sedih mendengar berita sakit dan kematian.
Tetapi dia selalu punya kekuatan untuk mengatasi hidup.
Dia tahu bahwa sebuah ciuman dan pelukan dapat menyembuhkan luka.
Hanya ada satu hal yang kurang dari wanita:
Dia lupa betapa berharganya dia...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

the rush hour~

Well..it's been a long time i didn't updated my blog. Kind of busy with lot's of things for the past few months..there's even some tragedy occurred. Hope everything will go on well and smooth after this.
okay..why rush hour??..hmm because eventually there's only 3 weeks left for me to get prepared for my final exam..i can't freeze the time..it's going to fast!..Feels like i just entered UKM yesterday..n now i am almost finishing my first year..but at the same time i do feel happy because i have learned a lot  of things here..i had gained a lot of experiences as well..
by end of this week, i need to submit my Workplace Communication's report, my resume and cover letter..believe it or not i am really enjoying this course..reason??..because this is the only course that i am taking without having any final exam..they will actually access us through the way we act in the class, the way we do our presentation, our discipline and the way we act in the job interview..I am impressed!..and happy 4 sure!..(p/s: thanx ili 4 the support! u helped me a lot this time..;p)
    Besides that, my music classic (ko-k),I don't know what's going to happen...I rarely have enough time to practice..in addition, we don't have a permanent coach to teach us..it keeps changing everytime..so, I have decided to just continue pracitising on my own..and if possible one hour everyday to get myself prepared for this coming Malam Manifestasi Seni UKM..this is a big event for me because we'll be accessed on that day.
What else??..oh ya talking about reports..recently I got a project using the CircuitMaker..to find a group also was a hard job for me because I am used to working with girls rather than boys. Unfortunately, this can't go on because in engineering there are big opportunity that I need to work with guys..so why not now rite?..Need to practise working and technically coorperating with them and learn the differences between the way a lady and guy works.
   Last but not least, my final exam is starting on the 12th of April and finishing on the 23rd of April 10!..I can't wait to go home..and this time I hope I'll be extra happy because my best friends are following! I hope we will have our great time together! =)
So, enough for now..gonna write later in the future! insyaAllah..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hey there!..I really hope it is not too late to wish a very happy new year to everyone..
Lots of things that had happened during the year before..2009~all the memories, moment of joy and sadness, new friends, meeting very friendly and understanding people and etc..
 So, for this new year 2010, like other people i also have my own determination :
1. Trying my very best to be a good person that includes a good daughter, student and a kind friend.
2. Hope this time I will do my continuous study and finish my assignments early..no LAST MINUTE work.
3. Trying to divide and manage my time so that i can meet my friends-(reunion maybe) and cousins.
4. Learning to be a more responsible person since my papa is giving me lots of 'test' to know my ability.
5. Don't ever be overconfident.
6. Learn to respect the others and the others will learn to respect you.
7. Take good care of my health.
8. Trying to not to be so rude to people..(need to put lot of effort in this matter..hehe)
9. Exercise regularly.
10. Be positive and make your past as your experience to go through the future.