Saturday, August 29, 2009

The new experience..

     Okay guys..finally i did successfully created my own blog..yeah now i do realise that having a blog is important so that i can share my experiences and memories in here..and i don't need to have a diary!! fuhh..what a relief!
I am currently studying at UKM now, and trust me being a 1st year student is not easy especially in engineering..what about the next 3 years huh?
My seniors are all busy 24 hours! There's not much difference btw a doctor and an engineer now.. finally i had submitted my assignments to my department.. thanx to my friends who had helped me a lot! Really appreciate u guys..glad to know you guys in the 1st place!Actually,i had never choose to be an engineer and i had never imagined that from hoping to get into medic would totally divert me to enter engineering..waah!! i was really frustrated though but thanks to my papa who open up my mind and explained more about this field..he advised and supported me a lot including my mum..LOVE my parents lot! can't live without them..
   Another funny thing is about my ko-k..i eventually ended up playing violin.. can you imagine that?? second sister who wanted to play it the most but unfortunately i am the one who is practising with needs lots of practise because all of the members are required to make an orchestra performance soon..lenguh lor bahu gua..sakit jari:(..heheh
but well.. as also stated in the Al-Quran "and verily after each difficulty there's a relief".
    Being far away from family make me learn to be more independent and to decide what is the good and bad for myself..and seriously i have tafsir al-Quran with me that would be my BEST companion whereever i am..seriously no kidding! was kind of awkward at 1st but alhamdulillah now i am getting used to reading the 'tafsir' you will know the meaning of the surah that you always read and get to be closer to ALLAH..insyaAllah..
    ok then..i think enough for today..i'll write later if i have anything special to share..hu3:)Wish me luck for my coming mid-sem xm!!

During the orientation the famous DECTAR

The view of DECTAR..usually the orchestra will be playing their drums, violins n etc at up there..