Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First sermon given by Prophet in Madinah..

"Verily, the best discourse is the Book of Allah. One is truly successful whose heart Allah has adorned with the love of His Books & whom after living in denial, Allah has caused to enter into submission to Him and caused Him to prefer His Book above any human discourse. The book of Allah is the most beautiful & eloquent of discourses...

Love that which ALLAH loves! Love ALLAH with all your hearts! Grow not weary of hearing the word of ALLAH..Do not stop remembering Him. Do not let your heart grow hard towards Him. For verily, ALLAH has preferred His Book above all of creation. Indeed, ALLAH has endowed it with guidance to the best of deeds & made it an example for the elect of His servants, & filled it with righteous discourse & has made clear in it what is lawful and unlawful for you."
So, serve ALLAH alone & associate with Him no other.
Be ever conscious of Him..
Be truthful to ALLAH in what you utter from your mouths..
Let the spirit of ALLAH be the source of love between you.
 'A khutbah by Mahmoud Mostafa'

Powerful sentence for me..

Cut the connection, turn off the phone, grab hold of your life and you won't be alone..
         Believe in yourself and no one else and you'll find that you have grown...
so, cut the connection, turn off the phone, grab hold of your life and you won't be alone...

I read this note from my friend's page..although it's not so long but it has a very powerfull and deep meaning!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When creativity strikes your day..

Hey..today i don't have any exam..just finished one paper and there are 5 more papers to go!..my final paper is on the 6th of November 09.So,today or now i should actually revise back my notes..and you know what i did??hmm..i rewrite my notes in a more creative way so that i will read and remember important things..but i should do it atleast a month ago and not now..basically i am wasting my time!!..argh..FOCUS,FOCUS!!=P

Monday, October 19, 2009

A dream of Muslimah..

 Well,today i can't really focus on my study..y?..having bad flu and feeling like having fever..but thinking back this maybe a test from ALLAH so..i'll be strong. Okay,rather than wasting my time, i read an article called a dream of a muslimah..Nowadays,i can see that most of the girls especially those who are still studying would rather use most of their time finding their MR.PERFECT in life...well i'm not excepted too..(dlu la..)but as i grow older,i started to think again..why the girls feel very worried if they can't find a bf?why they're not worried when they're not close to ALLAH?Love after marriage is sweeter than love before marriage...okay i could guarantee that some would say "pe la pmkrn kuno" or "itu dlu la skrg zaman dh berubah" n etc..but what is changing?the world is developing but we are still the same..there's a girl that i met and she asked my friend do you have a bf?..and my friend said no..i didn't expect the girl to say that.."what you don't have a bf??what a loss!"..didn't she realised that the time she used to spend with her bf is well managed if she used it to study or get to know ALLAH closer?..
       haha..actually xnk berleter but tersasar la pulak..hu3..ok back to the topic...i read about that article and i found out that there are some good points or experience that i can share with you all..
"I used to look for a romantic boyfriend before. I searched high and low but funny that I never really had a boyfriend until now. I used to ask why? The question is why. Because I’m not unpretty. But now I understand the reason behind. Having a romantic relationship outside marriage can lead to something that breaks the law of Syariah. All praise to Allah, I’m glad I never had boyfriends before. I’m not worried if I don’t find a guy any sooner. I’m not looking for a relationship anymore. And definitely not looking for someone based on how romantic he is. I’m going with the flow, after all everything about humans has been written. I want to fix myself first."
 I like this one:
I want to live with a guy who could guide me, so that I can get closer to My Creator. I want a man who can lead as an Imam, in every prayers that we’re gonna do together as married couple. A man who would tell Islamic history as a bed-time-stories to our children in the future. I want a man who’ll read the holly Quran to me, to cheer me every time I’m down. That is my dream guy and before I can meet him, I knew I need to fix myself first.
And this is the kind of guy that i am hoping to meet in the future..insyaALLAH as in the surah an-nur ayat 26:
"Sesungguhnya wanita yang baik itu dijanjikan untuk lelaki yang baik dan sebaliknya. Telah tercatat seungkap nama lelaki di loh mahfuz untukmu.Cuma peribadinya ditentukan oleh sejauh mana ketinggian peribadimu.Jika kau terhambat di atas jalan yang diredhai,InsyaALLAH si dia turut di jalan yang sama.Lupakan segala kegundahan, teguhkan diri pada cinta Hakiki nescaya cinta lelaki soleh turut kau miliki."
I don't know who else will be reading my blog but i hope that people who read my blog especially the muslimah will realize from their mistakes and thus try their best to get closer to ALLAH..i know it's not easy..but do it little by little..ALLAH SENTIASA MEMBANTU ORANG YANG MEMBANTU DIRI SENDIRI..insyaALLAH, dosa-dosa yang lalu ALLAH akan ampunkan kerana sesungguhnya ALLAH itu Maha Pengampun,Pengasih dan Penyayang..



Monday, October 5, 2009

Thank You ALLAH...

I asked for strength...
and ALLAH gave me difficulties to make me strong.
I asked for wisdom..
and ALLAH gave me problems to solve.
I asked for courage..
and ALLAH gave me obstacles to overcome.
I asked for love..
and ALLAH gave me troubled people to help.
I asked for favors..
and ALLAH gave me opportunities.
"Maybe i received nothing i wanted,but i received everything i needed."

This is one of my favourite quotes that i really love to read whenever i'm feeling sad,frustrated or uncertain about something especially my future..ALLAH is always with us and i really hope that i will always be with ALLAH..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

4 ways to sharpen our brain..

I'm bored today..that's one of the reason why sometimes i really hate Saturdays..i will never manage my time wisely on this day.So i went through some webs and guess what??I found something that i can share with u people out there especially those who are having the same problem as mine..kah3                                                                                                                                 ok..there are lots of ways to sharpen our brain but the main 4 things that i had discovered. There are:
1)Use your non-dominant hand
  well..if you are right-handed,try using your left hand to do things such as writing your name on a piece of paper,hold your badminton racquet and so on..it means that you are switching the things that you are used to..but no need to eat using left hand la..hu3
the impact:- By exercising your brain through the use of non-dominant hand, you are stimulating the opposite side of the brain and activating blood flow, which slows down the brain aging process and improves mental capacity.
2)Work out your brain
 This is also known as mental exercise..try playing chess or memorizing names,poems and etc. Before this i used to play Sudoku.really love that game till today but since i entered U my papa continued playing it for me..ha3..Nevertheless,after the raya holiday i had another game that had influenced me a lot! This is obviously due to my beloved uncles and cousins la..have you guys ever heard about the rubic cubes before??yeah..that's the game that i love now but unfortunately i don't have it with me in ukm..so sad..heheh
owh the impact:-  developing and activating new neural pathways, and consistent cycles will keep the brain on track.
3)Move your fingers to improve your brain
Most of the people marvel that Asian children seems so intelligent.Reason??easy..because we use our fingers frequently!!can't you see during eating time(people who use their hand to eat), playing music instruments n etc..
Impact:- increased connections between neurons, forged new neural pathways, and increased circulation to the brain areas.
-Increased circulation means more oxygen and nutrients for the brain cells and decreased waste products that clog up the brain. 
4)Stimulate brain acuity with self-massage
This self massage will eventually stimulates two easy-to-find acupressure points on your neck at the base of the skull.It can improve concentration and our memory.On top of that,you can also try to slowly inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth,letting your whole body to relax.Do this for three to five minutes.
Impact:- you'll increase blood flow to the brain and at the same time relax the neck muscles, which often tense up in response to stress,constricting blood vessels in the area.
                          okay..i hope you all will try one of these to sharpen your brain..haha..k till then..SAYONARA everyone!!=D


Saturday, August 29, 2009

The new experience..

     Okay guys..finally i did successfully created my own blog..yeah now i do realise that having a blog is important so that i can share my experiences and memories in here..and i don't need to have a diary!! fuhh..what a relief!
I am currently studying at UKM now, and trust me being a 1st year student is not easy especially in engineering..what about the next 3 years huh?
My seniors are all busy 24 hours! There's not much difference btw a doctor and an engineer now..
    Hmm..today finally i had submitted my assignments to my department.. thanx to my friends who had helped me a lot! Really appreciate u guys..glad to know you guys in the 1st place!Actually,i had never choose to be an engineer and i had never imagined that from hoping to get into medic would totally divert me to enter engineering..waah!! i was really frustrated though but thanks to my papa who open up my mind and explained more about this field..he advised and supported me a lot including my mum..LOVE my parents lot! can't live without them..
   Another funny thing is about my ko-k..i eventually ended up playing violin.. can you imagine that??haha..my second sister who wanted to play it the most but unfortunately i am the one who is practising with it..it needs lots of practise because all of the members are required to make an orchestra performance soon..lenguh lor bahu gua..sakit jari:(..heheh
but well.. as also stated in the Al-Quran "and verily after each difficulty there's a relief".
    Being far away from family make me learn to be more independent and to decide what is the good and bad for myself..and seriously i have tafsir al-Quran with me that would be my BEST companion whereever i am..seriously no kidding!..it was kind of awkward at 1st but alhamdulillah now i am getting used to it..by reading the 'tafsir' you will know the meaning of the surah that you always read and get to be closer to ALLAH..insyaAllah..
    ok then..i think enough for today..i'll write later if i have anything special to share..hu3:)Wish me luck for my coming mid-sem xm!!

During the orientation week..at the famous DECTAR

The view of DECTAR..usually the orchestra will be playing their drums, violins n etc at up there..